Mister & Miss Dance USA Titles Competition

The 11th annual America’s Mister & Miss Dance National Titles Scholarship Competition was held in conjunction with Boogie Fever USA National Dance Championships June 15th-18th .  Semi-Finalist were selected at regional competitions to compete for the coveted national titles.  The semi-finalist competed in a closed Interview with the judge, an audition class, solo routine, and Stage Presence a category where semi-finalist are in formal attire walking in formation on stage and then each introduces themselves at the microphone before answering a question.  Scores form all four categories combine to determine the 2018 title holders. The titles competition is not about the best dancers but the most well rounded dancer and a dancer that can be a leader and a representative.

At the Grand Awards Ceremony the 2017 Title Holders all performed farewell solos and gave farewell speeches giving the audience a glimpse into the outstanding year they had as Mister & Miss Dance USA Title Holders representing Boogie Fever USA.  The 2017 Title Holders were Mini Master Dance-Auggie Martin from Julie’s Fancy Feet Dance Academy, Mini Miss Dance-Summer Boykin from L Mace Studios, Petite Miss Dance-Hallie Driggers from Southern Elite Dance Academy, Junior Miss Dance-Lexi Sonnedecker from Main Street Dance,  Teen Miss Dance-Lilly Beaver from Let’s Dance Studios, Mister Dance-Christopher Irvin from Main Street Dance, and Miss Dance-Lauren Trull from Own Let’s Dance Studio.

In each age division Category Awards were presented in Random Order, then Finalist, and the 2018 National Title Winners.  Below are the Awards from each age division.

Mini Miss Dance USA Awards

Interview: Briley Comer, Sophia Vogt, Brystol Schumacher, Gillian Keith, Ashlyn Price

Audition Class: Jaiden Taylor, Sophia Vogt, Ashlyn Price, Briley Comer, Gillian Keith

Solo Routine: Sophia Vogt, Ashlyn Price, Brystol Schumacher, Gillian Keith, Jaiden Taylor

Stage Presence: Gillian Keith, Jaiden Taylor, Ashlyn Price, Briley Comer, Brystol Schumacher

4th Runner-up: Brystol Schumacher

3rd Runner-up: Sophia Vogt

2nd Runner-up: Gillian Keith

1st Runner-up: Jaiden Taylor

Mini Miss Dance USA 2018-Ashlyn Price

Petite Miss Dance USA Awards

Interview: Lizzie Martin, Aubree Dobson, McKenzie Baddour, Mary Elizabeth Baker, Presley Baker

Audition Class: Mckenzie Baddour, Mary Elizabeth Baker, Aubree Dobson, Lizzie Martin, Ella Grace Bellamy

Solo Routine: Mckenzie Baddour, Keely Austin, Ella Grace Bellamy, Clara Ceilz, Chloe Culler

Stage Presence: Mary Elizabeth Baker, Chloe Culler, Helayna Myers, Natalie Damon, Lizzie Martin


Clara Celiz, Lizzie Martin, Ella Grace Bellamy, Helayna Myers, McKenzie Baddour, Aubree Dobson, Keely Austin, Mary Elizabeth Baker

4th Runner-up: Mary Elizabeth Baker

3rd Runner-up: Ella Grace Bellamy

2nd Runner-up: McKenzie Baddour

1st Runner-up: Lizzie Martin

Mini Miss Dance USA 2018-Aubree Dobson

Junior Mister & Miss Dance USA Awards

Interview: Micaila Frye, Cole Pollock, Lillian Goodman, Jessica Taylor, Ella Grace Cagle

Audition Class: Breanna Hodges, Abby Michael, Stella Herzberg, Addy Hoak, Micaila Frye

Solo Routine: Addy Hoack, Lillian Goodman, Ashley Borgman, Stella Herzberg, Abby Michael, Kate Gilpin

Stage Presence: Ella Grace Cagle, Cole Pollock, Stella Herzberg, Micaila Frye, Abby Michael, Jessica Taylor


Ashley Borgman, Addy Hoak, Abby Michael, Jessica Taylor, Katie Gilpin, Stella Herzberg, Breanna Hodges, Micaila Frye, Ella Grace Cagle, Caroline Campbell

4th Runner-up: Addy Hoak

3rd Runner-up: Jessica Taylor

2nd Runner-up: Abby Michael

1st Runner-up: Micaila Frye

Junior Mister Dance USA-Cole Pollock

Junior Miss Dance USA 2018-Stella Herzberg

Teen Miss Dance USA Awards

Interview: Jayda Austin, Taylor Mason, Sophie Truchon, Karleigh Smith, Madeline Pollock

Audition Class: Erica Pullen, Melanie Fitts, Joey Taylor, Jayda Austin, Sophie Truchon

Solo Routine: Jayda Austin, Brooke Johnston, Sophie Truchon, Madeline Pollock, Joey Taylor

Stage Presence: Madeline Pollock, Sophie Truchon, Taylor Mason, Brooke Johnston, Jayda Austin


Joey Taylor, Madeline Pollock, Erica Pullen, Sophie Truchon, Jayda Austin, Brooke Johnston, Melanie Fitts, Taylor Mason

4th Runner-up: Brooke Johnston

3rd Runner-up: Jayda Austin

2nd Runner-up: Joey Taylor

1st Runner-up: Madeline Pollock

Mini Miss Dance USA 2018-Sophie Truchon

Miss Dance USA Awards (Senior Age)

Interview: Kyley Paules, Abbi McCarter, Mary Kimball Osborn, Skyler Leary

Audition Class: Skyler Leary, Catherine Pore, Taylor Blackwell, Kyley Paules

Solo Routine: Mary Kimball Osborn, Skyler Leary, Catherine Pore, Kyley Paules

Stage Presence: Taylor Blackwell, Kyley Paules, Skyler Leary, Catherine Pore

3rd Runner-up: Mary Kimball Osborn

2nd Runner-up: Catherine Pore

1st Runner-up: Kyley Paules

Miss Dance USA 2018-Skyler Leary