2023 Regional Rules & Guidelines

Studio Directors may contact our office for ENTRY FEES and ONLINE Entry Instructions

Every Dancer/Family receives access to FREE Photo & Video of all routines they perform

Boogie Fever USA is part of the America’s National Dance Championships (ANDC) Family of Competitions & Conventions.   

Boogie Fever USA as a part of the ANDC Family of Competitions & Conventions expects all studios that participate in events to maintain a high moral standard, keep a positive attitude, and encouraging nature.  Boogie Fever is designed to be a learning experience and an opportunity for everyone to be recognized for their accomplishments. We offer 18 categories, three competition levels, seven overall age divisions, a titles division, and many fun and free divisions to show your studio’s spirit. Boogie Fever USA promotes a family friendly environment.  Routines that are seductive, contain explicit lyrics, and suggestive material could result in substantial point deductions. We expect all entries to be appropriate for family viewing. We also expect all parents, teachers, & dancers to use good moral character and values at the competition. Not following these moral guidelines could cause a studio to be asked not to return to our events.

Competitive Levels

Please be honest! Thank you!

Determination of LEVELS includes all Solo, duet/trios times, as well as weekly practice time in addition to classes!

RECREATIONAL: This level is for dancers who only take class or are in an instructional situation less than 3 hours per week. This level is for Beginning dancers and/or those with little or no experience in a competitive environment.  Recreational Dancers are limited to 1 Solo.  Just because a dancer is a beginner or has limited experience does not mean they have to be entered at this level ; if they have the hours and the skill give them the push.

INTERMEDIATE: This level is for recreational students, those who only take class or practice in an instructional situation less than 5 hours per week. 

ADVANCED: This level is for dancers who are in an instructional situation over 5 hours per week However it is open to any and all participants.

You will compete in the division entered…do not ask us to change it on the day of competition!!!! Please double check your entries before submitting them!!!


1. Soloist may only perform one solo and be entered in the RECREATIONAL Level.  If performing multiple solos then a dancer must enter in the Intermediate or Advanced Level. 

2. Duet/Trios must enter at the highest Level of dancer. EXAMPLE:  A trio has two Intermediate Dancers and one Advanced Dancer, it must be entered at the Advanced Level.  The same goes for a Duo/Duet if one dancer is Advanced it must be entered at the Advanced Level. 

3. If more then 50% of a group routine is a higher level then the group must be entered at the higher level. 

**NOTE** Because NO competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, teachers are left to their own sound judgment when entering routines.  The judges may elevate routines that are obviously under-placed. If two judges feel a routine needs to be at a higher level then that routine may be bumped to a higher level. All decisions are Final.


  • Solo (1 Dancer)
  • Duet/Trio (2-3 Dancers)
  • Small Group (4-9 Dancers)
  • Large Group (10 -19 Dancers)
  • Super Group (20 + Dancers)
  • Production (15 + Dancers and have a theme or tell a story…extended time limit)

Our Policy on Teachers/Professionals competing: This is a sensitive issue, however this is our policy.  We do not offer a professional division…any routine with teachers must compete in the Elite Division regardless of average age. Teachers may be in Production Numbers with no restrictions. We will treat each situation individually and our decision will be final. When in doubt please ask!

Overall Age Divisions

  • Tiny (6 & under) **No Levels**
  • Mini (7-8)
  • Petite (9-10)
  • Junior (11-12)
  • Teen (13-14)
  • Senior (15-19)
  •  Elite (20 +) **No Levels**
    All Levels and Age Divisions will receive Top Score Awards!!!


STUDIO OWNERS MAY CONTACT US FOR REGIONAL/NATIONAL ENTRY FEES.  We are very competitive in the industry with our entry fees. 

877-647-7326 or

We may ask for proof of studio ownership.

Photogenic is only accepted on-site at competitions and is $50.00 per photo…each photogenic entry is awarded a trophy and rating.  Overall Photogenic Awards will be based on the number of photogenic entries.


Adjudicated Awards

The Adjudicated awards are Stellar Diamond (291-300) Diamond (282-290), Ruby (270-281), Emerald (261-269), Sapphire (252-260), and Amethyst (251 or less). Each soloist and member of a Duo/Duet/Trio will receive their own trophy with Rating Plate. Each dancer that participates in group routines will be awarded a Boogie Fever Pin. The Teachers/Directors will be awarded a Boogie Fever USA Trophy with the Adjudicated Award for the studio.

Each routine will receive a digital score sheet that will be uploaded to studio accounts and an Audio/Video Critique for each entry.  Instructions on how to access scores and critiques will be sent with schedule.

Overall & High Score Awards

Overall Recognition will be awarded in Solo, Duet/Trio, Small, Large, Super Groups, and Production within each overall age division and competitive level, we do require a minimum of three entries in an overall age division and level for overall awards to be given.  If there are not at least three entries in an overall age division and level then it may be combine with the closet overall age division and/or level.  The highest scoring group routines will be awarded a Large Boogie Fever Champion Trophy.   Other awards given will include The Crowd Pleaser Award, The Choreography Award, and The Entertainment Award.   Shooting Star Outstanding Performance Awards (from Judges & Boogie Faculty) will also be presented to routines in all divisions.

The Directors of Boogie Fever USA reserves the right to add, change, or modify categories based on entries.  Boogie Fever USA reserves the right to expand or condense a competition to a single or multi-day event, as well as move the competition site due to unforeseen circumstances.

Regional Title: All Soloist are eligible for Regional Title consideration.  A regional title winner will be awarded for each overall age division.  Soloist scoring an Emerald, Ruby, or Diamond at a regional competition can compete for the national title in July.

General Information

MUSIC can be downloaded in your registration system. All music should be recorded at proper speed.  FOR EMERGENCY it is advisable to have CD or IPOD available.

TIME LIMITS: Solos, Duo, Duet, Trios 3:00 min, Small, Large, & Super Groups 4:00 min, Productions 10:00 min (Time limit includes entrance/exit and prop set-up)

Extended Time will be offered for Group & Production Entries only at a cost of $2.00 per participant.  Please contact the office to inquire about Extended Time.

NUMBER OF ENTRIES: Entries will be on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available. BOOGIE FEVER USA reserves the right to add additional competition days or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances.  BOGIE FEVER USA  also bears the right to refuse entries at their discretion.


Only CERTIFIED FUNDS will be accepted for payment. Make Payable to: Boogie Fever USA.  All Entries must be entered ONLINE using our Registration Software.  Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis & limited to the amount of performance time available.   A conformation e-mail will be sent via  e-mail/mail a week prior to the regional competition, unpaid entries will not receive an individual schedule. A general performance schedule will be posted on the website a week prior to the competition. If entry fees are not paid then we will not to allow performers to participate in the competition.  ALL ENTRIES NEED TO  BE PAID BY CERTIFIED FUNDS.

ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON…credits can be issued for future events based on the individual situation. Studio Directors must facilitate this communication, our office will not speak with parents/guardians of performers. 

Routines awarded an Sapphire Award or higher qualify to compete in the Boogie Fever USA National Dance Championships.  Championships information is available by request.  Information will also be provided at the regional competition. Please let us know if you need finals information.  

Photogenic Entries: Entries must bring to the competition a recent 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 in black & white or color to the competition.  Please write/affix a label with name, age, and studio on the back of the photo.  Photos will be returned at the competition but contestants are responsible for retaining their photo on that day.  Boogie Fever USA is not responsible for any damages to the photograph submitted.  You must enter photogenic on the day of competition.  You do not have to be a registered competitor to enter the photogenic category, but you must be affiliated with a registered studio.  DO NOT SEND PICTURES OR MONEY FOR PHOTOGENIC ENTRIES-you must enter at the competition.  There is a $50.00 fee per photo entered in the photogenic category. Photogenic Entries are awarded a Boogie Fever Adjudication Award for each photo.

No forms of liquids (including water), gels, aerosols, glitter, or confetti ect. which may effect the stage surface may be used during a routine.  All props must be in place within ONE MINUTE, as time of the routine will begin at the end of these TWO MINUTES unless certain circumstances warrant reasonable additional time as a result of the stage location and conditions.

ALL ROUTINES MUST COMPETE ON THE DAY AND TIME ASSIGNED. ALL ENTRIES WHICH DO NOT COMPETE ON THEIR ASSIGNED DAY AND TIME WILL BE ADJUDICATED BUT WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR TOP SCORE AWARDS.  Any change in competition days and/or times is at the sole discretion of Boogie Fever USA and will be determined by the amount of time available at each regional competition.  INCOMPLETE ROUTINES: Any SOLO routine that is not completed the first time, and is attempted a second time will be ADJUDICATED only and not eligible for Top Score Award.

A time schedule will be e-mailed 8-10 days prior to the competition date to all studios with completed and paid in full entries.  Boogie Fever does not have a general format, which we follow at our regional competitions.  Every regional schedule is set up based solely on the breakdown of entries by solos, duet/trios, groups, and productions for that particular event.  We do not have this breakdown in numbers until all of the entries have been processed and at that time we set up a schedule which will best accommodate the participants at that regional.  We would rather go later on a Saturday so it is not a late night on a Sunday when participants have school or work on the next day.  This would not always be possible if we had a general format.


Maxx Opportunities Inc, DBA Boogie Fever USA and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss.

Contestants will be judged by a panel of well-qualified judges, and all decisions of the judges will be accepted as final.

Boogie Fever USA  Categories

Categories where Acrobatic/Gymnastics tricks are not allowed are specified, in other categories please keep tricks to less than five or enter in Open. Questions? Please ask us.  No limit to tricks in Character, Cheerleading, or Musical Theater Categories.

If a Category Below is not listed ONLINE, please use Other/Not Listed and list the category in the Notes before completing your entry.

  • Acrobatic: routine containing acrobatic technique with dance steps to connect movement
  • Ballet: routine containing ballet technique and steps.  No Arco/Gymnastic tricks.
  • Baton: use of baton technique, while using a baton, with dance steps to connect movement.
  • Character: a dance routine of any style that portrays a recognizable character.
  • Cheerleading: Routine can include chants, tumble passes, lifts, stunts, pom pons, and dance.
  • Clogging: routine using clogging technique and steps
  • Contemporary: A blend of modern and lyrical styles with an edge
  • Ethnic: routine using movement native to particular culture or nationality
  • Hip-Hop: A routine consisting of pop locking, funk or street style dance.
  • Jazz: routine using jazz technique and steps.
  • Lyrical: routine must contain interpretation of music, use of extension, control and balance.
  • Liturgical: A routine incorporating praise and worship.
  • Modern: The interpretation of idea with use of isolations, contractions, and demonstrate a feel for music.
  • Musical Theatre: routine portraying a Broadway or film character or theme, vocalization is allowed.
  • Novelty: does not fit into any other category but incorporates NO acrobatics/gymnastic tricks.
  • Open: A combination of dance styles and any acrobatics/gymnastic tricks are allowed.
  • Pointe: routine containing ballet technique and steps while wearing Pointe shoes. No Acrobatics/Gymnastics Tricks.
  • Pom Pon: a routine using pom pons with dance movement.
  • Song & Dance: routine using both vocal singing and dance.
  • Tap: routine containing tap technique and steps. Try to avoid tap sounds in music.
  • Variety Arts: Anything goes! This is an open category for creative routines!